To people who are pursuing dreams and struggling with life #startuplife

What is authenticity? We mimic the behaviors of others, our childhood heroes, our grownup heroes, and hope that would one day become part of us.

Is authenticity simply successful imitations? If so what makes imitations successful? What would have to connect within to truly be authentic?

People read about things for various reasons, but they all include a personal and a social purpose.

This is a old saying in China, that heroes are not self-made, but no more than a product of context.

It’s more about luck and timing than being genius although it requires both to make success a reality. 

It’s said in the article “The Parisian art scene had changed since Van Gogh was alive, in ways that were still unfolding when Picasso began his great experiment. First, there was a new kind of consumer: the industrial revolution had created a class of young, educated, affluent Parisians, who, keen to distinguish themselves from their more conventional elders, prided themselves on daring displays of taste.”

 I’d say Picasso is very lucky, he’s genius, for sure, but he may also have simply met a need that no one knew was there, he wasn’t trying to help these people achieving their goals, but simply to create art that he found valuable.

What a novel idea for engagement! I want to watch Julie and Julia!

"We are attracted to beautiful things because we acknowledge effort."

I resonate this because of cirque du soleil. It may just be me, but every time I watch their show, every single time when the body bending Asian girl come on stage, I cry, I’m not crying because it’s way too freaky, but crying because the life I imagined they lived, they spent all their lives working on one thing and one thing only for the 5 minutes on stage for us, moreover, imagine how many of them do the same thing but never had a chance to get on stage, it’s the beauty of that takes my breath away.

If you’re gna take a selfie, differentiate.

Yes, I know, you’re like me, you hate getting political, you hate those small tricks that people do at work that has nothing to do with the real work.

I’ve always despised things that are not noble, I think I may have been wrong, our abilities sometimes blinds us of the goal, a noble goal is usually reached by actions that are not that noble, and staying smart and understand how to interact with reality, may be one of the most important things to get us to really help people.

One word came to mind, media.

More specifically, those who manipulates the media. We all have things we insist on, it can be trying to figure out exactly what this guy in the video is doing to me so I don’t look like a total idiot (and you probably would fail), or chasing after a specific celebrity, reading a specific newspaper because you “trust” them, it is what makes us predictable that makes us manipulative.

The only way to break this cycle I think, can simply be an open mind, and trust me when I say this, people are not usually as open-minded as they’d like to be.

But then again, your insistence sometimes defines your individuality and character, what do you do then?

The travelor’s brand of furnitures.

I find this to be an extremely enticing idea. I move so much that a lot of things become burdensome, the kind of lifestyle in this commercial implies freedom and adventures, the concept of making your personal space mobile and connect it to and make it part of the world is an amazing idea.